Love, Sex, Relationships: Book Review

His Secret Obsession from describes palmistry analysis techniques in dealing with love, sexuality and relationships. Who does not care about how to communicate with their loved ones? When looking for a partner, what is the quality of the hand that fits your natural hand to make the relationship emotionally and sexually satisfying? Use the information in this book to see your partner's hand from a different angle. Do not commit to a colleague who has a hand attribute that is the opposite of your own.

The book Sexual Palmistry covers the following topics:
Grounding (starting point in palmistry):

  • The basics of sexual palmistry
  • The five kinds of love
  • The fingers
  • Topography hand I: The mountains
  • Hand topography II: The line
  • Application:

The very physical
Human nature and sexual expression
Sexual type, sexual choice
Consistent with the relationship
How techniques are used to practice palmistry
Exercise - how to make the most of your practical palmistry. Techniques you can use.

The secrets of learning and gaining proficiency in palmistry are a great practice in multi-handed reading.

How to get started:

  • Practice with people you already know well
  • Make sure what you read in this book is accurate
  • Ask the reader questions. Sometimes people do not know well their thoughts and actions towards others
  • Watch people on TV, watch how they hold their hands, the nature of their hands. The talk show works best
  • See the people you connect with in your daily work
  • Mentally note the extreme character and examine his hand
Using the ideas presented in this book, you can take a step forward in the dating game. The queue with people who do not have the right handicraft qualities for you will save you a lot of time and effort. Before you can be inspired to find the perfect partner, you need to do some in-depth research on your hands. By analyzing your hands, you will know what you really need in the game of romantic relationships and His Secret Obsession will guide you. When reading the book Sexual Palmistry, take notes of what you read. Analyze how the character of your hand corresponds to what is written in the book. Be honest with yourself.

Use the information in this book to do the following:

Do not repeat the same mistakes on a dating site
Choose a partner who has the qualities of a hand that fills your hand
Stay away from partners who are too human
He comes to a better understanding of why some previous relationships did not make sense
Learn to look at someone's hand and realize that what they are telling you does not match what you see in their hand. Next, learn to move on to the next person, without wasting time in relationships that may not work.
It's easy to talk, some people looking for a relationship are not completely honest. The hand does not lie but knows its true nature
Palmistry is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your potential partner.
Practice and more practice you will get the results you want with the help of His Secret Obsession book. Do not make important decisions about your relationship now or in the future until you are proficient in palm art. With practice comes confidence. Just remember that you can control the future of your relationship!

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