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Over the course of the year, firearm incidents took the lives of at least 49 people and injured at least 88 others. Reaction to school shootings reached a fever pitch in 2018, prompting an unprecedented response from lawmakers, school officials and students who said they had had enough. But school shootings are statistically rare. So why do they successfully drive the policy debate surrounding American gun violence and school safety? Read Mark’s final analysis. Requirements Aren’t Enough to Qualify for Nearby Public Universities. Standards:  200-301 Dumps Across the country, high school graduation rates have soared to levels never before seen. But even while millions more seniors have crossed the graduation stage over the last decade, fears have grown that many are being waived through without truly being prepared for college or the workforce. Now a study from the Center for American Progress shows that just four states — Louisiana, Michigan, South Dakota, and Tennessee — align high school graduation requirements with entrance eligibility for public colleges. 

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